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With the impact of the pandemic on learning evident, the team at Centaurus High School decided it was time to try something new. They needed to proactively find the students that were struggling. So the team intently focused on enhancing their Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), a framework that uses data to identify which students might need more support, and then tailoring that support to meet their specific needs.

Empty Board Room

The Board of Education is pleased to announce the dates of the community interest sessions for those interested in running for the school board. We will be hosting three sessions this month and all events will be held at the BVSD Education Center, 6500 Arapahoe in Boulder. 

Facilities team members provide authentic expertise and experiences for TEC students

One morning this past fall, Boulder TEC students gathered for a not-so-typical lesson in plumbing. Instead of happening in the Construction Trades classroom at Boulder TEC, the lesson took place at Boulder High’s Recht Field and was led by BVSD’s lead plumber Ted Burke. The experience was part of an innovative program that took advantage of BVSD’s in-house construction trades expertise and a district-wide inventory of facilities to provide authentic, work-based learning experiences for TEC students.

BVSD Instructional Model: A consistent model of instruction

The goal of every educator is to teach in a way where students not only learn the material, develop skills and master the standards -- but that they enjoy the experience and that ultimately the lesson inspires and informs their life. A new instructional model was recently developed by district educators as an outstanding framework to ensure that best practices are consistently utilized. This consistency for both teachers and students is one of the initiatives of BVSD’s All Together for All Students Strategic Plan to help strengthen the instructional infrastructure across the district.